Ollería is a place to dream, think, do and celebrate. 

As part of the services that Ollería offers we have created a network with

the most influential experts in Costa Rica's business community.

In order to share knowledge and passion, Ollería gathers

extraordinary consultants and professionals in multiple disciplines.

Contact us to nourish your meeting with our experts or to join the network.

Through memberships and space rentals, clients can host meetings and events in our exclusive facilities.   

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The most serendipitous environment  -  100 people

The place of encounter in Ollería is the Volcan Plaza. Known as a warming-up area before meetings, and a cool-down zone after them. It's perfect for presentations up to 150 people, with an extraordinary view and a "video wall" of 9 screens with the best conditions. 

As in XPrize, Nobel and Cannes, Plaza Volcán is fully equipped with first class audio, "DJ ready" and facilities for special events.


The daring setting for innovation - 30 people

The most original configuration of Ollería, XPrize is the perfect highway for innovation, collaboration and co-creation for large groups. No description may be sufficient for a space created for charrettes, collective storm ideas, intense processes of ideation.


Creativity meets results - 8 to 12 people

With a private balcony and a perfect golden ratio, this room is designed for comfort, privacy and space. It features a Geiger roundtable for 8 people, Aeron chairs, private bathroom and all the necessary facilities for projection, connectivity and work. The Andy B & B couch stands out as an element of integration and conversation.


The theater of dreams - 8 people

This room is equipped with an Eames table for 8 people, Aeron chairs and full communication. The walls can be used as whiteboards, screen, private bathroom and a private balcony. The breadth and privacy of this room, make it a perfect area for ideation, long meetings and discreet privacy.


The power of quality - 4 people

Concentration, focus and work in the smallest room in Ollería, although the most equipped to convert walls into whiteboards, words into triggers and intimacy into a bold thinking platform.

Equipped with a Herman Miller table and 6 Aeron chairs, a screen and full hookups. The Deming is pure quality.


The legacy of generations to build the future - 14 people

This room is ideal for ambient collaboration, co-creation and co-design.