What is Ollería?

Ollería is the first Innovation Platform and New Business Hub in Costa Rica,

created by The Tribu Group. 

We are also:

A springboard for entrepreneurs. 

An ecosystem for innovation.

A dream+think+do+celebrate tank

A collaboratory for ideation.

An icebreaker of the status quo.

An incubator for new products and services.  

In Ollería it will be possible to generate new contacts, build strategic alliances, promote business innovation, consult with experts and share our state-of-the-art facilities. All of this with the conviction of promoting intentional serendipity to achieve extraordinary results.

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About US

Since 1989, Tribu Group has been generating new businesses with the commitment to grow and evolve with their customers. 

As a result from that commitment and conviction, after 25 years, since its foundation, Tribu presents the evolution of its philosophy translated in Ollería, an ecosystem for innovation, to dream, think, do and celebrate.

The Tribu Group began in advertising and has been extended to a variety of areas related to their core in creativity. With its focus on delivering innovative business solutions, Ollería is a natural and organic step toward big ideas, a transformation and creation of real value.

Tribu is the shining flagship guiding the group. From the agency follows Ollería in order to provide a space for collaboration, co-creation, co-design for co-existence with a real meaning.

We present Ollería as a gift to the country and the world, is an open, inclusive and borderless idea. In Ollería, the Tribu Group comes up with a space for face - to - face relationships and create a new model of participatory development.