Ollería experience has been designed even in the smallest details.

The first building was designed by Bruno Stagno and it was called Tribu. It presents an innovative pergola and it is a monument of out of the box thinking. Its architect explains this atributes in this video.

Later on came Tributo, a butterfly shaped building with a large cocoon and the biggest vertical garden in the country. Designed by Jean André Garnier, we invite you to watch this video.

Ollería is located in the 4th floor of Tributo, a large building that houses companies like Prodigious, CanCapital and Fusion Digital.

In almost 1,000 square meters of space, Ollería has been furnished with Herman Miller, as a sign of commitment to the best in design. For our outdoor spaces we have chosen Kartell. The room walls are whiteboards from the floor to the ceiling, where even the Nest thermostat has been designed to exalt the experience.

Ollería has been designed to facilitate innovation in every inch of its architecture. Each meeting room is different and the dynamic proposal is to bring exceptional results.

Tweets, TEDTalks, Facebook comments, world dynamics, books, films, lectures, exhibitions, entrepreneurship, poems, commercials, experiences and experiences combine to sum it up in one sentence: life is just a little bit.

For this reason we have proposed turning it on, provoke it, detonate it and achieve things never thought possible. We want to make the world a better place through ideas and business collaboration.